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Are you ready to be a climate leader?

Wanted: Climate Leaders
Organization: Force of Nature
Location: anywhere in the Lower Mainland, BC

From passive houses and wind turbines to electric bike co-ops and car-free city planning, a virtually endless list of clever, creative, and economically viable climate solutions are being effectively implemented around our entire planet. But for most, including those of us who call the Lower Mainland of BC our home, the business as usual mentality persists, ensuring that the built environment around us looks much the same as it always has, and the clean energy revolution we know to be possible remains in the realm of a perpetually deferred dream.

Meanwhile, the looming threat of catastrophic climate change is bringing about more and more real-time changes in our province’s natural environment; melting glaciers, rising sea levels, shifting growing seasons, and devastating forest fires are but a few of the impacts British Columbians are already experiencing… and paying in spades to mitigate.

Solving this problem, and keeping it solved before it’s too late, is going to take nothing short of a massive citizens movement — one that is willing and capable of revitalizing the local political landscape, mandating meaningful climate policy and pioneering the creative community solutions that will work for their own communities.

These changes are not going to be easy and in order to affect them each one of us must be willing to commit to the hard work of rebuilding our energy economy from the ground up with our very own heads, hearts and hands. But they will bring about many new opportunities and experiences, not least of which is a great adventure that each and every one of us will have a chance to be part of.

We can’t afford to wait any longer. This moment of power is calling us to follow in the footsteps of world leaders like China, Germany and California, and step bravely forward to embrace a new vision for a future in which solar panels gleam from rooftops, electrified transportation becomes the new normal, and British Columbians across the province have access to safe, stable and family-supporting green jobs.

Great adventures call for great leaders, which is why Force of Nature has developed a plan to advocate for the policy changes and incentives that will open new doors for you, elect environmental champions who will support your endeavours, and ensure our skilled team of community organizers will be walking beside you every step of the way.

Because the leader of this great adventure is you.

Are you ready?

We're looking for climate leaders to run their own community teams (with lots of help from trained organizers). You'll build relationships with other dedicated volunteers, recruit new teammates, set up canvassing opportunities, run phonebanks, research your community, decide next steps, attend city council meetings, and catapult your community into a fossil fuel free future! Leaders will be asked to commit to a minimum of 5 hours of volunteering per week, and invited to attend a 2-day training to give them the tools and resources they need to succeed in their new roles.

Please email to apply, with "Climate leader" in the subject line.

If you are not able to commit to 5 hours/week, we do have other volunteer positions available. You can sign up at .

Lorsque vous enverrez votre candidature, merci d’indiquer que vous avez vu cette offre d’emploi sur le site

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Current status: Open/apply now.   Date publiée : Jan 12 2018    Numéro : 43602