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Local food start-up seeks collaborators, helpers, partners...

Startup: By the Seasons - Feel Good with Fresh Food
Type: startup/collaboration/volunteer (not a job)
Brockville and area, Ontario


I have just started an online grocery store (think everyday farmer's market) in Brockville, Ontario. I moved to the area and was frustrated with the lack of healthy, fresh and sustainable food options. After quite a few conversations, where others expressed a similar frustration and encouraged me to start my own business, I am now supplying residents of Brockville/Prescott (and growing) with fresh food from local farmers such as Patchwork Gardens, Day Brightener's Farm and others.

I would love for everything to be: 1) sustainable (near organic, no pesticides etc) 2) local and 3) zero waste. Making #3 happen can be tough. So right now, as long as we hit 2 of the 3, we are selling it.

Right now, there is no store front (the idea is to grow into that), so everything is online. I would like to come up with a great program to keep everything organized, visual and easy to use (on both ends).

I am also looking into buying land in North Augusta. Redistributing food, I am giving the farmers a voice and helping to make it more accessible, but I am having to mark the prices up a bit for profit. I would much rather be producing (not only to make more of a profit myself, but also to keep prices lower for consumers). Nevermind that it is my dream to build an off-grid house and live a self-reliant lifestyle (all the while having neighbours and being involved in the community).

I am sharing my current situation and future goals in the hopes that others may have similar goals and would like to take part in this venture with me.

Big dreams are to have an educational camp and wellness centre/retreat where people could get away for awhile, or take part in a certain lifestyle. They could choose to live on the land as well (building their own home and growing their own food) or learn such skills and then take them to wherever it is they want to go.

Ultimately, I am looking to build a team of people, of different ages, with different backgrounds, different skills, in order to connect with as large an audience as possible and stay open-minded.

If you are interested in any way, or believe that you have something to offer, and would be willing to brainstorm and contribute I would love to hear from you. We can determine what you are good at, what you like to do, and put you in a position to do just that. At the moment, I am not able to pay anyone a salary, but moving forward, that would be the idea.

To reach out to me, please e-mail:
sara mask*

Much Love!

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