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Position: Estimator / Sales Associate
Company: Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Company Profile

We connect the living and built environments.

Ginkgo Sustainability is on a mission to change how the world builds and manages the spaces in which we live, work and play every day (and possibly even do our small part to help save the planet for future generations, along the way). We believe in positive ROI sustainable biophilic design, construction and maintenance (and we like to think that we are, actually, really really good at it). Our services include the design, installation and maintenance of features and environments that lie at the intersection of living and built forms. We are already one of the largest green roofing installers in Canada and are growing our living walls and maintenance businesses at a rapid clip. Our clients are primarily institutional, commercial and multi-unit residential (condo buildings) but we are also working hard to help homeowners benefit from green design / building as well. All of that being said, just in case you think we are really just a fancy “landscaping / construction company”, well, you might also be interested to know we are also in the process of prototyping our own IOT-based environmental monitoring systems, dabbling in solar and constantly looking for new ways to innovate and get better.

Most importantly of all though, while we are proud of our growth, we value our clients and partners more than anything and we firmly believe that, in order for green building to really take hold, quality has to be at the forefront of all that we do (if what we build doesn’t outlast us, we’re not really living our mission). Hence, we have very high standards, a team that takes enormous pride in what they do and an unparalleled workforce of highly-skilled dedicated believers in the mission. As a growing organization, we are constantly in need of talent, but we will not settle for anyone less than the best. So, if the idea of earning a competitive wage while having a ton of fun and maybe even helping save the planet is appealing, read on.

Green roofs and living walls, unfortunately, don’t sell themselves. Luckily, we know a thing or two about how to sell, build and maintain them… but we could certainly use all sorts of help spreading the word, identifying the right solutions for our clients and pricing our services in a way that will enable them to connect their living and built environments and achieve win-win outcomes. Specifically, we are seeking an Estimator / Sales Associate who will:

  1. Own responsibility for and execute pricing & sales activities that result in the development of new clients (often from opportunities / leads generated by marketing / business development) and the expansion of sales volumes with existing clients across all of Ginkgo Sustainability’s business lines
  2. Be explicitly accountable / responsible (in conjunction with the Business Development Associate and the overall Head of Growth) for overall sales volumes tied to at least 1 of Ginkgo’s specific lines of business (i.e., roofs, walls and/or maintenance) and/or core customer segments (i.e., contractors, property managers and/or residential)
  3. Price opportunities (and negotiate contracts / agreements) for their line of business / customer segment, in a way that optimizes overall profitability
  4. Guide opportunities through to contracting, ensuring a positive customer experience and a collaborative hand-off to the Delivery Team
  5. Learn from and reciprocally support their fellow Estimators / Sales Associates and Management in ways that improve the overall results of the business (including, but not limited to, the volume, accuracy, measurability and conversion of prepared quotes and tenders, manageability and profitability)
  6. Constantly look to build, reinforce and maintain a strong professional, service-oriented reputation, on behalf of Ginkgo, with all prospects, clients, referral sources and industry professionals
  7. Roll up their sleeves, pitch in and do what is necessary to help Ginkgo and our clients succeed

The Estimator / Sales Associate will be expected to:

Estimate Preparation & Coordination

  • Review leads / opportunities (and any associated architectural, landscape and other applicable drawings) and extract the information required to prepare a high-quality estimate using appropriate templates & tools
  • Identify and note any discrepancies / questions that arise
  • Ensure that all supplier (systems, materials, contractors, equipment, etc.) price lists are updated and accurate
  • Complete initial estimates using accurate time and materials inputs and the tools provided
  • Incorporate internal and prospect / client feedback and complete revisions, in a timely manner
  • Prepare formal quotes and tender documentation for submission to prospects and customers
  • Ensure that the status, value and timing of quotes and tenders are accurately represented in the all internal systems
  • Prepare takeoffs and other documentation / report required for projects

Estimating Leadership / Expertise

  • Take accountability / responsibility for a specific line-of-business (i.e., roofing installations, wall installations, maintenance & plants) and:
    • Develop expertise on how to effectively price opportunities for profitability / success
    • Coach and mentor other members of the Estimating Team on best practices
    • Ensure that tools, assumptions and inputs remain up-to-date and accurate
  • Support / backfill other members of the Estimating Team, as required

Sales Management

  • Follow-up with prospects, customers and consultants, as appropriate / required, to ensure that opportunities continuously move forward and track all lead, opportunities and interactions in the CRM
  • Ensure that any and all appropriate internal and external parties are consulted as necessary, to ensure that opportunities continuously move forward
  • Revise quotes / documentation, engage in value engineering and conduct negotiations, as required
  • Participate in regular pipeline reviews with the Sales Team
  • Maintain regular working sessions with Project Delivery teams to ensure that they remain up-to-date on anticipated projects, complications, etc.
  • Complete draft contracts, review with leadership and incorporate feedback / edits as necessary
  • Work with Delivery teams / Customer Success to on-board new clients when prospects become customers
    • Ensure that any and all necessary project / maintenance documentation is in-place (and accurate), before installations / site visits begin

Account Management

  • Take accountability / responsibility for a designated client segment and:
    • Become an expert regarding their wants, needs, behaviours and decision-making processes
    • Coach and mentor other members of the Sales Team, on best practices when dealing with the segment
    • Ensure that segment target and client lists remain up-to-date and useful
  • Support / backfill other members of the Sales Team, as required
  • Maintain professional high-touch working relationships with key segment prospects / clients and ensure a positive two-way flow of information and services


Background, Skills & Experience
The successful candidate will likely have the following:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business, commerce or engineering preferred
  • Proficiency with office productivity (Excel, Word), CRM (ex. Salesforce), ERP (ex. SAP), and/or design software (ex. AutoCAD)
  • A demonstrated track record of building or growing profitable B2B revenue businesses / product / service lines
  • Experience in the green building, construction, roofing, property management and/or landscaping industries
  • Strong established connections in the property management, architecture, design and/or construction communities
  • An openness and desire to learn from both success and failure

In order to be successful, the best candidate will also be:

  • Someone who is organized, detail-oriented, mature, reliable and trustworthy
  • A disciplined results-oriented highly-motivated self-starter with can balance a crushing desire to win / succeed against an insistence of always doing the right thing (for both Ginkgo and our clients)
  • Capable of juggling multiple initiatives simultaneously and effectively
  • Both an effective listener and concise, impactful communicator (verbally & written)
  • A collaborative team player who believes in winning together
  • Comfortable working in a variety of environments that might include offices, client, industrial and construction sites (including occasionally at significant heights)
  • Willing, able (i.e., a valid & clean driver’s license) and available to travel (mostly day trips within the GTA) on short notice, as necessary
  • Available, occasionally at odd hours, according to the needs of their clients
  • Flexible, able and willing to adjust their approach

Culture & Personality
We want:

  • Someone with a deep passion for the environment, building / maintaining things and customer service
  • A “people person” but also has a strong appreciation for “the numbers”
  • An individual who can handle rejection while taking client service seriously
  • A positive fun human being. Seriously. We mean this. Life is too short.

Additional Information
Ginkgo Sustainability is an all-weather / all-season company with a mix of clients, sites and needs both indoors and outdoor. Individuals applying to work at Ginkgo should be prepared and expect to work in all conditions (subject to safety, always).

Compensation will be determined based on qualifications including experience, training, and education but we expect it to include:

  • A competitive base salary
  • Performance-based incentives tied to measurable individual, team and company-based outcomes
  • Generous health benefits
  • Annual vacation time

How to Apply
Please submit your cover letter and resume by e-mail to . We thank all candidates for their interest in this position; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

For more information about Ginkgo Sustainability, and to view our featured projects, visit our website at:

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