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Position: Manager of HR and Administration
Organization: OCAD Student Union
Location: Downtown Toronto, Ontario

[OCAD Student Union] "To develop and manage services, campaigns, and activities which promote social justice, sustainability, provide for student well-being, and enhance the educational and creative environment at the University..."

Duration: Permanent

Organization Description:

The OCAD Student Union is an independent, democratically-run student organization with approximately 5000 members, incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. The OCAD Student Union operates a variety of programs and services on campus at OCAD University including: legal advice, student advocate, campus food bank, produce delivery program, community drop-in lunch, community development grants, social events and workshops.

The OCAD Student Union advocates for the best interests of OCAD University Students, representing the student body in dialogue with OCAD U administration and governance bodies, as well as all levels of government. The OCAD Student Union represents the OCAD University student population within the Canadian Federation of Students as Local 25. Within the Toronto art and design community, the OCAD Student Union is represented by its subsidiary, Xpace Cultural Centre. Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven cultural centre supported by the OCAD Student Union and dedicated to providing emerging and student artists, designers and curators with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting.

The OCAD Student Union is committed to ensuring OCAD University campus and broader OCAD U community are inclusive spaces where all members are treated with respect and dignity. The OCAD Student Union operates with an anti-oppressive framework and encourages applications from everyone, especially people from equity-seeking groups. Please note that the OCAD Student Union will endeavour to accommodate job applicants with a disability during the hiring process in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and other applicable legislation.

Reports to: OCAD Student Union Board of Directors

Board Liaison: Director of Operations

Supervises: OCAD Student Union Manager of Advocacy Services, Finance Manager, Administrative Assistant, as well as 7- 10 part-time student employees.

Working Relationship:

OCAD Student Union Executive Directors, Board of Directors, Student Union Lawyer, Xpace Director, Bookkeeping Firm, and other staff and volunteers of the OCAD Student Union.

Salary, Hours of Work & Benefits:

$27 per hour, for 30 hours per week, a comprehensive health and dental benefits package, vacation days as well as sick and personal days. Hours of work are scheduled between 9:00am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, depending on the availability of shared office space.


The General Manager is responsible for the following areas and where appropriate, may delegate work to carry out these responsibilities.

50% - Human Resources & Staff Management

  • Oversee Hiring Committees for all Student Union employees in conjunction with the Director of Operations, including the Director of Xpace position;

  • Oversee work of all employees working for the OCAD Student Union, including: Manager of Advocacy Services, Finance Manager, Administrative Assistant, Events Coordinator, Campaigns Coordinator, Food Services Coordinator, Hot Lunch Coordinators;

  • Provide training, support, and advice to OCAD Student Union Executives and staff with respect to employee standards and human resources policies;

  • Conduct performance evaluations of all employees and Executive team members alongside with the Director of Operations or appropriate supervisor, bi-annually;

  • Develop work plans and strategies to address personnel issues as they arise, such as disciplinary action, workplace accommodations etc, consulting with the Director of Operations and Managers;

  • Check in with Finance Manager, Manager of Advocacy Services, Lawyer, Director of Xpace, and Bookkeepers about their workload;

  • Schedule office hours and working hours with managers, Executives, and student staff

  • Identify new opportunities for professional growth for Student Union employees, providing mentorship and advice

  • Serve as the first point of contact in mediating conflict, implementing the complaints process, and accommodations requests

  • Write, update, and implement job descriptions, job posts, and employee contracts

  • Liaise with OCAD University’s Financial Aid and Awards office to submit applications and report hours worked toOCAD University’s Institutional Work Study Program for eligible student employees. Generate IWSP applications and submit reports written by Finance Manager

30 % - Operations and Administration

  • Develop implementation strategies and procedures in consultation with the Manager of Advocacy Services, Director of Operations and Executive Committee for approved and amended by-laws and policies;

  • Develop and maintain annual operations calendar mapping out critical cycles and projects throughout the fiscal year;

  • Ensure the smooth operation of OCAD Student Union events, Board and Executive initiatives, programs and services on campus, such as the OCAD SU free legal advice service, student advocacy services, community drop-in lunch, foodbank, annual campus orientation, community development grants etc. and support to representatives and staff;

  • Dispense petty cash for office and service needs; make purchases for office

  • Oversee work of OCAD Student Union Administrative Assistant and Food Service Coordinator in coordinating the day-to-day functions of the OCAD Student Union office

  • Serve on organizational, departmental, and campus committees as needed or required, pending approval of the OCAD SU.

  • Draft communication with upper University administration and offer feedback on OCAD U policies and initiatives

  • Maintain set weekly hours dedicated to administrative work

  • Maintain inventory and stock of office supplies, materials and equipment and ensure office equipment is in good working order; assist in general office maintenance to ensure a professional environment, which includes keeping the space tidy, accessible and open to the general student population; Administer use of button maker and popcorn machine

  • maintain a safe, inclusive work environment that upholds the SU “Safe Space,” mandate, coordinate conflict resolution where needed; Dispense emergency grocery cards to students in need

  • Conduct on the ground logistical work in support of Student Union services, events, and campaigns.

  • Support work of other managers when they are out of the office.

20% - Corporate Affairs, Governance & Board Support

  • Work with the Manager of Advocacy Services in drafting and developing by-laws and policies of the corporation for OCAD Student Union Board of Directors approval; set timelines for policy approval

  • Ensure the OCAD Student Union is in compliance with legislative requirements and where deficiencies are noted, develop strategies to address compliance issues and advise OCAD Student Union Board of Directors in remedying deficiencies, i.e. employe standards

  • Ensure all corporate records are filed with appropriate government bodies in a timely manner, such as Annual Summary with Corporations Canada, updated by-laws are filed with Corporations Canada including annual filing of change of directors information

  • Update insurance for the Student Union, annually.

  • Advise the OCAD Student Union Board of Directors and Executive Committee on matters pertaining to corporate affairs, governance practices, and general university issues;

  • Coordinate administrative support for meetings of the OCAD Student Union Board of Directors and for General Meetings of the Membership;

  • Coordinate annual training for Board of Directors and Executive Committee in conjunction with the Manager of Advocacy Services;

  • Act as a resource, providing advice and support to Xpace Cultural Centre, OCAD Student Union Board members, Executives, Committees and Student Groups

  • Coordinate the Elections and By-Elections process with the Manager of Advocacy Services, including hiring of Chief Returning Officer, striking an elections committee, and hiring necessary personnel for voting to take place


Candidates must possess the following skills, qualifications and experience:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in business administration and/or Not-for-Profit management and/or related experience;

  • Knowledge and experience working in an anti-oppressive framework;

  • Working knowledge of legislation affecting federally and provincially incorporated Not-for-Profit Corporations;

  • Thorough working knowledge of various components in Not-for-Profit corporate governance, such as strategic planning, by-law and policy development and assessment, facilitating work of the board of directors, board relations, committee structures etc;

  • Intermediate level of financial literacy and planning. Must have minimum 3 years experience with financial administration and experience developing operating budgets;

  • Intermediate level of experience with administrative practices and procedures, with an eye for introducing improvements and best practices;

  • Experience in resource allocation, leadership modelling, and the coordination of people and resources;

  • An ability to motivate, develop, and direct people as they work, identifying the best people and skillset for a project;

  • Knowledge and experience of personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiations within an anti-oppressive framework;

  • The ability to monitor and assess one’s own performance, as well as the performance of other individuals, and/or organizations in order to make improvements or take corrective action as required;

  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to make decisions in a fast paced environment, the ability to anticipate the costs and benefits of potential actions and being able to choose as well as advise on the most appropriate direction;

  • Excellent oral,written communication and comprehension skills, and the ability to discern which information is most vital to communicate at an appropriate time;

  • Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills;

  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to multi-task, the ability to manage one’s own time and the time of others.

How To Apply:

Send your resume and cover letter in a single document (in PDF or Word format) to addressed to the Hiring Committee with subject line "OCAD SU Manager, HR and Administration” by Friday, February 16th, 2018. Applicants may be asked to produce a writing sample. Questions and inquiries can be emailed to this same email address. The OCAD Student Union regrets it is unable to respond to inquiries by phone.

Please note, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

The first round of interviews will be scheduled in March 2018. The desired start date is April- May, 2018.

Lorsque vous enverrez votre candidature, merci d’indiquer que vous avez vu cette offre d’emploi sur le site

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