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CONTRACT DATES: June until Mid October 2020, plus potential training!

Position: Lodge Manager
Company: Blachford Lake Lodge & Wilderness Resort
Location: Blachford Lake, 100k east of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (with accom.)

Blachford Lake Lodge is an upscale Northern fly-in wilderness resort, located 100km east of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In the heart of the Canadian wilderness, the lodge is comprised of 5 lodge rooms and 5 guest cabins. While at the lodge, guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities as well as the best Northern Lights viewing in the world. Winter guest activities include, but are not limited to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, skating, ice fishing, hockey, handicrafts, wildlife tracks, aurora viewing and other winter activities. In the summer guest activities include, but are not limited to fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, shore lunches, fall aurora viewing, and hiking.

As the Lodge Manager, it is your job to make sure that every guest has an incredible and memorable stay at Blachford Lake Lodge. You are responsible for meeting the needs of every guest and group that arrives at the lodge, from meet and greet on the lake, to fond farewells at the same site when they leave. You are responsible for overseeing and organizing, as well as assisting and directing of all of the lodge operations, including but not limited to Staff Management, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Office Administration, and Lodge Functions.

It is your attention to details and commitment to first-class service and hospitality that will provide all guests with a superior Blachford Lake Lodge experience. You are passionate about Canada’s North, backcountry wilderness, eco-friendly and sustainable living practices, and you enjoy sharing experiences with guests. You make each guest feel welcome and strive to make them each feel special, comfortable, relaxed, safe, taken care of, and right at home. You recognize that each guest is an individual and has unique needs, values, and behavior styles. It is your mission to understand and learn about each guest on the site so that you can find ways to add value to their individual experience at Blachford Lake Lodge. You recognize that some guests may appear “high maintenance,” but you see these people as an opportunity for you to practice your patience and understanding so that you can contribute positively to their vacation.

You are a true people person, yet thrive on the challenge of living in a remote, off grid location for long periods of time. You are adventurous and love the outdoors. You are an independent self-starter, a hard-worker and team player. You have an eye for detail and take the initiative to do whatever needs to be done to ensure that each guest has an incredible experience at Blachford Lake Lodge.

You will work closely with the Lodge Management Team, in partnership with the Yellowknife Office Staff to ensure that all daily tasks, site maintenance and guest services are completed to a high standard. You will direct paid staff (Chef, Guest Services, Assistant Managers, Guides, etc.) on site.

Job Responsibilities

Genuine Care

  • Demonstrate high levels of energy and enthusiasm at all times
  • Take time to understand things from a guest’s point of view
  • Interact with every guest in a friendly, professional, caring manner
  • Present yourself with empathy to each guest
  • Make sure every aspect of the guest’s experience is incredible and memorable

Anticipatory Service

  • Ensure that you are well prepared for the needs of each guest and group
  • Understand that each guest, and group has come to Blachford Lake Lodge for a different purpose. Ensure that you do your best to be prepared for these specifics and do your utmost to deliver on guest needs and wishes


  • Provide friendly, personal and efficient service that exceeds expectations
  • Ensure that you have the knowledge, team, and skills necessary to do your job
  • Take every opportunity to train yourself in local culture, history, flora and fauna
  • Be ready and anticipate any guest questions and requests that may arise
  • Be accurate with all information you provide
  • Be well-groomed at all times - Blachford Lake Lodge attire is required for working hours


  • Take responsibility for following through and ensuring that all requests are met with a viable solution that exceeds guest expectations

Staying Connected

  • Connect daily on a personal level with all guests
  • Keep in tune with daily lodge activities and express personal interest in the lives and experiences of each guest

Make It right

  • Seize every opportunity to recover and enhance service
  • Genuinely thank staff and guests for bringing any concerns to your attention


  • Schedule the proper guide(s) for each guest activity
  • Ensure that guests are well taken care of, and confident in their friendly, patient guide that is willing to change their activity plan to cater to guest needs along the way
  • Instruct handicraft workshops and order materials along with the office staff to ensure that guests have plenty of activity options

Your daily tasks include, but are not limited to:

Staff Management:

  • Hosting the morning meeting daily to schedule paid staff and volunteers
  • Communicate with all staff and volunteers on a daily basis about upcoming guests, and groups, to schedule activities prior to guest arrival
  • Work with the Head Chef for daily timing of all meals, coordinating staff lunches etc
  • Work with the Head Chef for catering to special events, dietary requests and guest tours
  • Work closely with the Lodge Management Team to provide exceptional guest stays
  • Ensuring that HR for all staff and volunteers is good, positive and satisfactory
  • Promoting a team environment with staff and volunteers to create the best guest experiences
  • Resolve team conflict immediately, respectfully and effectively
  • Managing staff & volunteers so that they are friendly, helpful and able to meet the guests needs
  • Maximize the training for each individual for a good experience and maximum safety
  • Continuously updating the daily chore allocations, bathroom & dish schedule and housing spreadsheet with new staff and volunteer arrivals and departures
  • Make sure that there is a minimum of two staff on night shift (through daybreak), with knowledge and presentation skills of aurora photography during aurora seasons
  • Schedule an aurora photography information session during aurora season to ensure each guest receives training
  • Schedule bar coverage from 11 am until 12 pm
  • Schedule staff and volunteers days off and breaks in Yellowknife when required
  • Give a welcoming new staff or volunteer orientation and safety tour upon arrival and provide a BLL toque and t-shirt for use when on duty
  • Give feedback on volunteers to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Create the daily board applying daily jobs, lodge functions, guest activities, and projects with input from the Systems Manager, Guest Services and Assistant Managers

Guest Services:

  • Work with the Guest Services person to ensure all guests needs are met and exceeded
  • Be awake each morning before any guests, ready to welcome them each to breakfast
  • Update daily the guest chalk board with date, sun and moon set & rise times, aurora forecast, weather forecast and times of meals, guest activities, plane departures and arrivals etc
  • Make sure that all guests are aware of the guest book, and are encouraged to sign
  • Communicate daily with the YK office staff for all guest and group needs or scheduling changes
  • Plane loading, thank you and safe journey, and offloading, meet and greet, and ensure the guest welcome tour and orientation are done well
  • Review guest surveys for immediate guest feedback of the staff & services offered at the lodge
  • Review the Bookings & Additional Notes for Bookings for changes, special requests etc
  • Operate (staff, stock, clean, regulate, etc.) a licensed bar to international hospitality standards


  • Work with the Assistant Lodge Manager to ensure all guests needs are met and exceeded
  • Ensure that the lodge is clean, warm, and inviting before the arrival of all guests (fire lit, hot and cold drinks available, hot food and snack available, smells clean, etc)
  • Oversee the clean up after all meals ensuring everything is done well
  • Oversee keeping the interior of the lodge, cabins, and common areas well-maintained as per the duties outlined on the housekeeping checklist
  • Oversee linen supply and laundry services
  • Make notes of décor in cabins and lodge rooms that may need to be replaced (are outdated, broken etc.), and communicate to the office for replacements

Office Administration:

  • Work closely with the Systems Manager to ensure smooth operations in the lodge & camp
  • Oversee paid staff – Chef, Guides, Assistant Mangers and Guest Services
  • Ensuring paid staff time sheets are filled out correctly, signed and submitted bi-weekly to the YK Office
  • Review the Lodge Sales Report and cash bag after each guest checkout and before sending to the YK Office
  • Placing precise and specific supply orders (Miscellaneous and Janitorial) for the lodge on Mondays being financially and usage conscious
  • Keep the supply order spreadsheets current and up-to-date for each supplier
  • Plane management - efficiencies, ins/outs, logistics, scheduling, anticipating, guest change overs
  • Send communication on each plane to/from office in Yellowknife
  • Continued communications between Lodge Office and YK Office - emails, phone calls, etc
  • Submit agenda items and attend weekly conference calls with the Lodge Management Team and YK Office Staff
  • Notify YK Office any necessary lodge staffing needs or changes
  • Inspecting camp, creating and maintaining projects lists and every day schedules
  • Seeing the needs of the lodge, staff, guests, property and providing and scheduling care
  • Advise and work with the Lodge Owner on any capital upgrades and new projects
  • Communicate any incidents clearly with detail for YK Office staff
  • Medical Evacuations – coordinate the Evacuation with the Lodge Management Team and fill out the Medical Report form and submit to YK Office
  • Update Medical Evacuation procedures if necessary
  • Ensure all waiver and employment forms for staff are properly filled out
  • Overseeing the collection and distribution of Volunteer tips
  • Balancing priorities and keeping continuous order, cleaning, sorting and upkeep on site

Commitment to the Environment:

  • Reflect at all times a commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Work with the YK Office staff to source locally produced food and products whenever possible
  • Work to educate guests and staff on environmental practices at the lodge
  • Reviewing all systems regularly and operating within their confines (solar, power, water, composting, grey water, slop, etc.)

Risk Management:

  • Reflect at all times a commitment to risk management and safety
  • Report any unsafe conditions to the Systems Manager and follow up to ensure that they are taken care of
  • Always err on the side of caution
  • Respect all machinery and equipment, report damage and maintenance issues immediately
  • Demonstrate good skill and safe practice when operating all company equipment
  • Oversee first aid, safety regimes, guest and staff actions being safe and responsible for liability
  • Maintenance of all trails and routes for summer and winter – well groomed & safe at all times
  • Inspect all buildings in camp for care, maintenance and upkeep
  • Track NWT fire map during fire season, take all steps to keep camp safe
  • Ensure all emergency plans are up to date


  • Passionate about day to day work, improving systems and building a site that hosts the best possible lodge experience for all guests
  • Self-Starter with a good work ethic
  • Keen to learn new skills and trades
  • Hard-Worker available to work long hours, but always have a smile for guests
  • Team player able and happy to help in any type of situation, even if out of scope
  • Positive attitude: Enthusiastic, friendly, adventurous, confident, dependable, professional
  • Problem-Solver: Ability to take on any new task or challenge with a good attitude
  • Quick learner
  • Physically fit
  • Highly organized
  • Multi-tasker: Ability to do, direct, and consider a number of things at one time
  • Excellent communication: Written and oral
  • Ability to separate your Work life from your Personal life to maximize your pleasure outside of work and to fully appreciate the place you are currently calling home and avoid burnout

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Wilderness first aid or higher
  • Food Safe Certificate
  • Liquor Serving Certificate
  • Driver’s License (Class 5)
  • Boat/Pleasure Craft License
  • Chainsaw Operators License
  • PAL/Firearms License
  • Fall Protection Hazards Certificate
  • Ice Safety and Rescue Certificate
  • WHIMIS and MSDS Hazardous Waste Certificates
  • Post-Secondary Tourism Management, or Resort/Hotel Management considered an asset
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Previous experience working at a remote wilderness lodge considered an asset
  • Previous experience working/living in circum-polar location considered an asset
  • Previous guiding experience considered an asset
  • Ability to lift 30 lbs
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time


If you think you'd like to work with us on our team, please send a detailed cover letter explaining why you want to work with us, as well as a detailed resume with references.

We will not accept applications without the above requests.

E-mail to:

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

About Blachford Lake Lodge 

Blachford Lake Lodge is an upscale Northern fly-in wilderness resort, located 100km east of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In the heart of the Canadian wilderness, the lodge is comprised of 5 lodge rooms and 5 guest cabins. While at the lodge, guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal activities as well as the best Northern Lights viewing in the world. Winter guest activities include, but are not limited to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, skating, ice fishing, hockey, handicrafts, wildlife tracks, and other winter activities. In the summer guest activities include, but are not limited to fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, shore lunches, and hiking.

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