Hiring an Executive Director

Finding a great Executive Director can be tricky process, as they are senior positions, but tend not to be as well paid as in the private sector.

The search should include advertising on your own site and lists, as well as GoodWork, environmental networks, associations and listserves, local media, and word of mouth. Larger nonprofits with a substantial recruitment budget can also consider hiring an executive search firm / "headhunter" with experience in the nonprofit sector, to assist with the process.

Make sure your job posting starts with the "Why": Why is this an important, meaningful role? What's the organization's mission / raison d'etre? Why would this be a great organization to work for?

For ideas on how to word your posting, review current Executive Director and other senior postings. If your organization has previously posted for Executive Director on GoodWork, contact us and we can send you the posting.

Don't expect to hire an Executive Director in a day. Unlike entry level positions, an effective E.D. search involves substantial time and legwork. But once you find the right person, your organization will benefit for years to come.

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