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Position: Permaculture Design Apprenticeship
Organization: Forest Gardens
Location: Salt Spring Island, BC. Accommodation available 
Type: education/apprenticeship with program fee (see below)

We are excited to be launching our Permaculture Design Apprenticeship in the spring of 2021!

Do you want your life to be a force of positive change in the world?

Do you want to cultivate a relationship with the natural world based on deep connection, intimate understanding and mutual support?

Are you searching for the tools, techniques and knowledge to help you create a lifestyle of resilience, self-sufficiency and ecological & cultural regeneration?

Then we invite you to join us for a full season of Permaculture Design, Regenerative Agriculture, homesteading, eco-forestry and community building at Forest Gardens.

The Apprenticeship is intended for people who are actively seeking out both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills necessary to care for the Earth, it’s inhabitants, and the future generations. Our focus is on developing self-sufficient living systems that simultaneously regenerate the health of the ecosystem and surrounding community. By integrating the theory of the various frameworks for regenerative living with the practical skills and techniques for setting up and maintaining the farm and homestead, this program will give you the tools, understanding and confidence to create life-supporting agro-ecological systems.

The Apprenticeship includes the Permaculture Design Course being offered on Saturday mornings throughout the season.

The main topics we will cover are:

Permaculture Design

Permaculture Design is the core framework that helps us connect all the other tools, techniques and systems in our repertoire in beneficial ways. Learning how to integrate the different elements of your project so that the pieces fit together synergistically is at the heart of Permaculture Design and we will explore many different ways to achieve this harmony throughout the season.

Some of the techniques we will learn about and practice are:

  • holistic goal setting
  • observation & pattern language
  • site & resource assessment
  • keyline scale of permanence
  • zone & sector analysis
  • functional interconnection
  • implementation, maintenance & evaluation

Regenerative Agriculture

Growing food in ways that regenerates the health of the planet is one the key things humanity must do in order to survive this century.

Regenerative agriculture grows healthy, nutritious food at the same time as it builds living soil, cleans the air and water, and enhances the health and diversity of the surrounding ecosystem.

Some of the techniques we will learn about and practice are:

  • low and no till farming
  • compost, compost-tea & biochar production and application
  • perennial cropping
  • silvi-pasture and agri-forestry
  • holistically managed animal grazing


Learning how to live closely with the land and providing your own needs locally is both empowering and humbling at the same time.

Developing the physical skills of subsistence living, and then experiencing the mental abundance that comes with this self-sufficient lifestyle is a deeply authentic human experience that connects us intimately to the ways that our ancestors lived.

Some of the topics we will learn about and practice are:

  • safe and effective use and care of homesteading tools
  • food processing and preservation techniques
  • crop selection for a self-sufficient diet
  • providing for your needs locally
  • resilience assessment


Managing a forest is both a privilege and an ancestral birthright that humans have largely forgotten.

Forests are incredibly complex and diverse systems, and yet they operate through specific patterns and rules. Understanding the operating system of the forest enables us to support it’s health and evolution in ways that also support our lives.

Some of the techniques we will learn about and practice are:

  • forest ecology, forest structural composition & succession
  • forest fire hazards and mitigation techniques
  • forest management practices including wood chipping, biochar, and berms
  • selective harvesting and cultivation techniques
  • wildcrafting & foraging

Intentional Community Building

A healthy community is the foundation of bringing our gifts and visions into the world. Our current systems of relating are deeply influenced by capitalism which privileges competition and individualism over collaboration and community. Intentional community building requires us to understand the fundamental needs of well being and create structures to develop and support each other as well rounded contributors to the whole.

Some of the techniques we will learn about and practice are:

  • emotional intelligence tool kit: non-violent communication, roses and thorns, acknowledgement practice
  • community structure tool kit: sociocracy, consensus building, community meetings
  • mindfulness practices: group meditation, yoga, nature walks
  • gratitude circles + grief circles


The Apprenticeship program runs from April 16th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021.



The cost to participate in the Apprenticeship program is CA$3,000.

This equals $15/day and includes:

  • tenting accommodation for the season;
  • all staple foods for the season;
  • basic living supplies (toilet paper, soaps, propane, firewood) for the season;
  • participation in the Permaculture Design Course, and a Permaculture Design Certificate if you successfully complete the course;
  • training and mentoring in the practical skills, tools and projects throughout the season


Program details:


For more information and to apply visit:

Lorsque vous enverrez votre candidature, merci d’indiquer que vous avez vu cette offre d’emploi sur le site

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